I grew up in what my husband describes as 'a field in Norfolk' (actually Cambridgeshire) and had a traditionally 70s childhood filled with strawberry picking, conker playing, bike riding but most of all, drawing. I drew all the time and was well known at school for my doodles and cartoons. My parents even used to let me draw on my bedroom walls - not sure I'd let my daughter do the same! I studied for my Graphic Design degree in the beautiful city of Norwich before being lured by the bright lights of London where I worked in a variety of creative roles and enjoyed the best the Britpop scene had to offer.

Leaving London behind for family life and freelancing, I soon realised how much I missed drawing and creating in the way I had when I was young. I started a small online shop selling stationery and gifts and my big break came when Not on the High Street spotted my work and invited me to join them. 

Never one to miss an opportunity, when a job vacancy came up locally for a designer, I applied and now my day job involves creating licensed and own label gifts for major retailers, working with some of the most prestigious brands around. 

I think I've genuinely got the best of both worlds these days - being part of a design team again keeps my ideas fresh and I love working with big names and seeing my work for sale on the High Street. But I also have the luxury of my own business, where I can enjoy a more personal relationship with my customers and create designs I love.